The islands of Orkney are filled with a rich history - with unique characters and stories of those who visited and those who left. Orkney wears it's history on it's sleeve, and for those who are searching for ancestors, Orkney is an ideal place to find out more.

From men who left to join the Hudson's Bay Company in Canada, to women that married men from outside the islands, people with Orkney in their blood can be found the world over.

For those who want to return to find where their great grandfather came from, the Orkney Library and Archives are open to help, and there's a good chance that the house they lived in is still standing! You may find relatives, pictures, the town they came from. You will almost certainly find Orcadians willing to lend you a hand!

Research Orkney Research Orkney,
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Research Orkney
Research Orkney provides a professional research service dedicated to Orkney's Heritage. Work undertaken includes: - Genealogical / social history enquires / Workshops and Lectures focusing on Orkney Heritage / Specialist Guided Tours that can be tailored to meet your needs.


Orkney Library and Archive Photo © Magnus Dixon. All text © Magnus Dixon.

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