Whilst the people of Orkney are not as religious as, say, the Western Islands, the local paper is full every week, with times of services for the various churches dotted around the islands.

Why not join in? Whilst away from your local church, why not visit an Orcadian church on a Sunday?

There are unusual venues - from Roman Catholic services held in the Italian Chapel, to Church of Scotland services held within the red walls of the St Magnus Cathedral, going to church in Orkney will be an experience you will never forget.

Orkney Pagan Weddings Helen Woodsford-Dean,
Religious Celebrant,
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Orkney Pagan Weddings
Get married where, when and how you want! Unique, spiritual, genuine and bespoke wedding rituals in Orkney; also renewals of vows ceremonies and non-legal handfastings.

And you don't have to call yourself "Pagan" to use our services!

Italian Chapel interior photo © Magnus Dixon. All text © Magnus Dixon.

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