Skara BraeIn an island so full of valuable archaeological treasures, there must be custodians to look after these jewels. From museums, to organisations, to private individuals with websites, to tour guides; the people of Orkney respect and look after the islands heritage, with passion and dedication, whilst having the generosity to share it with others...




Orkney Archaeology ToursCaz Mamwell
Orkney Archaeology Tours,
Orkney KW17 2LR
Tel: 01856 721450
Orkney Archaeology Tours
We are a specialist tour operator offering all-inclusive holidays, short breaks and day tours, concentrating on Orkney's spectacular archaeology, but also showing you as much as possible of our beautiful islands. Our tour leaders are professional archaeologists with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in archaeology, and are also qualified Guides.

Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney IslandsSigurd Towrie,
Orkneyjar - The Heritage of
  the Orkney Islands

A website dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient
history, folklore and traditions of Orkney

Orkney Pagan Weddings Helen Woodsford-Dean,
Religious Celebrant,
Email: info@orkneypagan

Orkney Pagan Weddings
Get married where, when and how you want! Unique, spiritual, genuine and bespoke wedding rituals in Orkney; also renewals of vows ceremonies and non-legal handfastings.

And you don't have to call yourself "Pagan" to use our services!

Broch of Gurness photo © Fraser Dixon, Skara Brae photo © Magnus Dixon. All text © Magnus Dixon.

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